A Guide for a Thrilling Abu Dhabi Trip – Best Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tours 2020

The Rub al Khali desert of Abu Dhabi of the Arabian Peninsula is stretched across the border of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. The pale gravel planes are occupied by dunes all over them. The area of Rub al Khali desert is 650,010 km2 or 250,970 square miles. The dust storms blow continuously in the desert that enhances the beauty of the desert. However, the moisture captured by the dunes is its base helps to maintain the shape of dunes in the desert. There are a plethora of thrilling and adventurous activities in the desert that take the heart of tourists. In the first six months of 2019, almost 8.36 tourists visited Abu Dhabi to explore the majestic beauty of this city. The tourism authorities have estimated that in the second quarter of 2019, almost 1.2 million people all across the world visited Abu Dhabi. The number of tourists was almost 6.8% more than in 2018.

The adrenaline-pumping desert safari adventures drive you from the hustle and bustle of daily life routine and make you full of energy and zest. I will tell about the venturesome activities of the desert safari that you can enjoy at affordable rates. The total duration of desert safari adventure is approximately 9 hours. The desert safari from Abu Dhabi starts from pick up from your hotel in 4×4 luxury cars like Nissan Patrol or Land Cruiser to take you at the desert site. This feature is helpful for international tourists who do not have sufficient information about routes leading to Rub al Khali.

Enjoy the adrenaline-pumping and thrilling dune driving:

The dune bashing session is the extra-ordinary adventure for tourists included in the desert safari Abu Dhabi deals 2020. The hair rising driving on dunes elevates your curiosity level and energize your body cells. For this adventure sport, SUV cars are preferred. It is not only thrilling but safe because the drivers are experts and know how to handle the car technically. It is important to maintain the balance while going up and down through the dunes. The driver knows how to take sharp cuts at the side of tilting dunes. This roller coaster-like driving experience is the most memorable adventure during your visit to Abu Dhabi.

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ATV quad bike is a must-try adventuresome activity in the desert:

The desert safari Abu Dhabi deals 2020 include ATV quad bike ride on the alternating dunes. The crust and troughs are perfect to drive your bike on them. Some dunes are higher than 300 meters that enrich the adventure seekers with exciting emotions. You can take two seater quad bikes to enjoy drive across the desert with your spouse, friends, or any family member. The steering wheel has a complete grip on tires and provides sufficient friction to drive on sand-hills. For those tourists who are not experienced in driving two-wheeler quad bikes, they can enjoy this activity with four or three-wheeler quad bikes. This hair rising adventure is a mixture of both speed and intoxicating drive on the zig-zag desert.

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Sandboarding is full of mesmerizing adventures:

Sandboarding is the most challenging desert sport. It is liked by tourists of all age groups. You strap your feet on a wooden sandboard and start slopping down through the inclined dunes. It invigorates overly exciting emotions while going down from hills.

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Enjoy a camel ride and take a panoramic view of the desert:

The camel ride is the most admiring and pleasant activity you can encounter in the desert. You can explore the marvelous beauty of the expanded landscape of deserts via camel ride to the campsite.

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Take photographs in the desert during evening wearing Arabic costumes:

During the evening, the splendid dunes give orange-colored tones while the sun is basking behind the grand dunes. The darkness keeps on entering the desert and the sun is setting the west. At this time, the desert is not less than a heaven on earth. Stand on a sand mountain and take multiple pictures. Do not forget to share those stunning photographs on your social media accounts.

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Usually, Arabic costumes are available for both men and women. The intricately designed Arabic dresses with fine embroidery on them represent a glimpse of traditional aspects and heritage of the UAE. During desert safari from Abu Dhabi; these lovely costumes are must to wear for taking snaps.

The evening in the desert is full of entertaining activities:

The genial activities are not ended here. The traditional comfortable environment is waiting for you to spend a night at Bedouin camp. It is a fusion of contemporary lifestyle and the traditional beauty of the Arab world.  According to Wikipedia, Belly dance is the oriental Arabic dance style that represents the typical Arabic culture. At the campsite, you are entertained with Belly dancers. They dance on the Arabic flutes and music that seems harmonious to ears. The costumes and traditional rhymes fascinate tourists.

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The amazing Tanura dance is accompanied by Sufi music. It represents the spiritual peace and tranquility. The tourists get up from their seats and start dancing with them. Bring your camera and take photos of mesmerizing dance performances. Abu Dhabi overnight desert safari includes fire dance and stickman show that will leave you spell-bound due to awe-inspiring performances. The fire dancers play beautifully with fire and manipulate different objects. The fire dancers use different skills and hidden tricks that inspire the audience. The most amazing activities include juggling, baton twirling, poi spinning, fire breathing, and fire-eating. Usually, the stickman show is the biggest attraction for children. This award-winning show is liked by audiences and catches their eyes.

Do not miss the delicious dinner at the campsite:

It is a blissful moment to enjoy tasty dinner under twinkling stars during desert safari Abu Dhabi. Surely, your taste buds will fascinate you with delectable dishes and refreshments. The super spicy intercontinental BBQ dinner with exotic sausages dripping over it makes you feel hungry. However, if you are a vegetarian, do not be sad. There is a separate dinner for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian tourists. You cannot stop your hands and do over-eating. The fresh dates are tender and sweet. Now comes the Arabic ghawa (coffee) or tea which most of the tourists never forget to admire. The amazing property of this tea is that it helps to digest the food.

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Having Arabic sheesha pipe at the campsite is an immense pleasure for tourists:

The traditional smoke pipe or Arabic sheesha pipe is the most exotic activity of desert safari Abu Dhabi. I am sure that you will always remember the rich flavor of the Arabic water pipe at nice adorned tents. There are flavored sheesha pipes where you can take the flavor of your own choice. The beautiful container with a long flexible pipe seems traditional. In my opinion, the sheesha pipes are less harmful because nicotine and tar are absorbed by water rather than entering your body.

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Get painless and wash-off henna tattoos on your hands or feet:

The Indian Henna painting is very famous among female visitors to decorate their hands or feet by using beautiful colors of henna. The large floral patterns reflect the true Arabic culture. The typical henna painting has an enchanting aroma that feels lovely. This grand tradition has been followed for many hundreds of years at nuptial ceremonies.

According to the report of the Department of Tourism and Culture of Abu Dhabi, the total hotel revenue for the second half of the year 2019 was raised to 1.2 Billion / Hotel Guest Number 1.2 Million as compared to 2018.

Likewise, during the Abu Dhabi city tour, the tourists get a chance to see the elevated buildings, exciting rides, luxury hotels, private beaches, grand mosques representing Islamic civilization, and the traditional sites of the city through sightseeing.

Spend a night in your tent in the desert:

Abu Dhabi overnight desert safari includes a stay at desert where you can truly experience the Bedouin lifestyle. This unique experience is waiting for you to enjoy a cheerful and deep sleep in the camp. The cool breeze touches your soul and makes you active to perform daily tasks. The serene environment takes you closer to nature.

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What type of precautionary measures should I take during a desert safari tour?

  • Take sunscreen with you to protect yourself from suntan.
  • Bring hats, sunglasses, loose-fitting clothes, and comfortable shoes to move across the desert.
  • Do not bring pregnant ladies, old-aged people and children less than the age of 7 years, patients with neck or back problems to ensure their safety.

The Abu Dhabi city tour includes your visit to Sheikh Zayed road, grand mosque, emirates palace hotel, presidential palace, break water, heritage village, marina mall, Abu Dhabi corniche, dates market, Yas Island View, Ferrari world theme park, and Yas water world view. The tourists have a brilliant time with their friends or family members in Abu Dhabi. In short, there are multiple opportunities for tourists in Abu Dhabi to explore the UAE in their style.

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