Some exciting things to do in Rub ul Khali Desert, Abu Dhabi

Rub ul Khali is the world’s largest sand desert. It is located in the south of Abu Dhabi city. You can go there via 4×4 cars on the super-fast highway. The oasis of Liwa, red big dunes, and beautiful landscape of this desert attract many tourists every year. It is also known as the Empty Quarter Desert because its sublime beauty offers endless opportunities to enjoy desert sports.  Many tourists see this desert as full of traditional Bedouin lifestyle. It will be a lovely experience to walk with your friend on the soft red dunes.

The fine and soft dunes with multicolored hues of khaki and orange color look vibrant and breathtakingly beautiful. Besides taking stunning photographs, it is an exciting idea to try your off-roading capabilities. The Abu Dhabi tours 2020 are affordable to step out from the hustle and bustle of monotonous routine. Here is a list of things that you should not miss during the desert safari tour.

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Enjoy desert sports:

Abu Dhabi desert safari deals include many thrilling desert sports to enjoy in Rub ul Khali desert. The massive dunes are perfect to experience dune bashing. Watching below from the height of 1000 feet makes you excited. The dune bashing is something extra-ordinary than a roller-coaster ride. Besides this, quad biking is something you will never forget. Even if you fall, the cotton soft dunes will provide cushions. During sandboarding, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the widespread desert while sliding down.

Enjoy a ride on the camel:

The most exciting part of Abu Dhabi tours 2020 is to enjoy the camel ride towards the campsite. Sitting on the hump of a camel and enjoying the undulatory movements of the camel cannot be explained in words. It will be an informative ride because tourists also get to know about the culture and tradition of Bedouins.

Enjoying stunning photographs:

The breathtaking landscape of the desert will compel to capture every single moment in your camera. It will be a wonderful idea to try traditional Arabian costumes to take beautiful pictures. Likewise, the natural beauty of Rub ul Khali is worthy to mention here for taking pictures. The tourists also like to take snaps with hawks and birds.

Enjoy cuisine and entertainment activities:

From the welcome snacks to BBQ dinner, every dish is finger-licking delicious. Along with delectable dinner, tourists can also enjoy dances performances by trained Belly, Tanura, and Fire dancers. Enjoying the hubblee bubble sheesha pipe is like a cherry on the top of the cake.

Enjoy desert camping:

The most marvelous part of the Abu Dhabi desert safari deals is to experience desert camping in the center of the Rub ul Khali desert. Was not it lovely to witness the twinkling stars away from the pollution of cities? It also gives you a chance to enjoy the most pristine sunset and sunrise. You can explore the true culture of the Bedouin lifestyle. Having a hot cup of tea and gossiping with your friends is the best lifetime experience.

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