How You Can Find The Desert Safari Abu Dhabi In 2021?

Abu Dhabi is the second largest and the most beautiful city in the United Arab Emirates and is known as the home of the government. The city is full of glamorous views and a modern environment. Here most people come for shopping, visit beautiful places such that desert safari, Sheikh Zahid grand mosque, marina mall, beach area, big shopping malls, and the luxury hotels. The government home also in Abu Dhabi. According to Wikipedia 5% budget is get by oil. 

How you can find a Desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

Every year many people come to Desert safari for visiting the most adventurous place. You can find the best Desert safari in Abu Dhabi is easy because many tourism companies are working now online. The desert safari tour starts from your residence place to the Bedouin campsite, exploring the ups and downs of red dunes, camel riding to the dune bashing with luxury 4×4 vehicles, and sandboarding. Desert safari Abu Dhabi provides affordable and costless deals for the customers. From around the world, people can easily visit the beautiful place and book the desert safari Abu Dhabi city tour at an affordable cost.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Desert safari is one of the most favorites and visited places in the UAE. In Desert safari Abu Dhabi deals, there is a lot of fun activities are included such that:

  • Pick up you from residence hotel
  • Camel riding/ camel safari
  • Dune bashing with 4×4 vehicle 
  • Evening photography/sunset photography 
  • Belly dance show
  • ATV quad biking
  • Tanoura dance show
  • Fire show
  • BBQ buffet dinner in the Bedouin camp
  • Overnight safari
  • Henna paintings 
  • Morning desert safari
  • Sandboarding
  • Children playing area

Camel safari: An adventure fun activity in the desert

In the desert, most of the people come for camel safari because of its slow riding, adventure view and the most famous. Most entertainment activity for those who enjoy the first time. The ups and downs of the desert attract you more.

Dune bashing: Enjoy 4×4 vehicle on red dunes

After that, dune bashing is the most favorite for the youngster and the adults. With 4×4 Land cruiser or the luxury Lassan petrol, move on the desert dunes and explore the desert fun. You need some energy after enjoying the desert dunes. Desert safari Abu Dhabi in 2021 includes more fun. With dune bashing activity your mind refresh. 

ATV Quad Biking: 2,3 and 4 wheeler quads are available 

Quads are for those who want to explore the adventure in a desert safari. Quads are not for children, only adults and young people can enjoy the adventure. From the foreign, people come only to enjoy desert adventure and fun. Two, three, and four-wheeler quads are available for you. 

BBQ buffet delicious dinner: tea, coffee, and dates with a belly dance show

After the desert fun activities, you need some energy to enjoy more entertainment. For this, BBQ dinners are organized in VIP seated camps with coffee, tea, snacks, and the dates and the live belly dance show, performed by young girls come around the world. 

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