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Nine Hours of Desert Safari Adventure in Abu Dhabi is Full of an Exciting Experience

Last year one of my friends visited Abu Dhabi. He showed me his photographs and I was surprised after looking at those adventurous activities. I was impressed with the tour packages as well. So, I decided to visit Abu Dhabi on my vacation also. The deals were highly economical. Abu Dhabi desert safari 2020 deals are available in just AED 90 for a single person. The state of the art in city, deserts, hotels, malls and Sir Bani Yas Island are some most visited areas in Abu Dhabi but Abu Dhabi desert safari has its own charm.  The exciting desert safari adventure included numerous exciting activities. I would like to share my experience with the audience as well. I was picked from the pickup locations around 2:00 pm in 4×4 car and we moved towards the desert. When we reached at desert, the sun was shining brightly. The rays of sun were lying on the grains. The sand was looking like a golden colored river due to reflection. I captured that magical moment in my camera. The beauty of desert was entrapping me in its enormous beauty. Abu Dhabi city tour deals are trustworthy and genuine.

 I took sunglasses, sun hat, sun screen, umbrella, passport, ID card, easy shoes and loose fitting dress with me to have a comfortable desert safari adventure. I could clearly see the birds flying in the air. The hawks were flying very high. In my opinion sand boarding and dune bashing session were the best sessions during Abu Dhabi desert safari 2020.

Those sports activities enhanced my excitement level up to the sky. I strapped my feet on the sand board and started sand boarding. I was performing this task while standing. My tour guide also guided me to do the task properly. The tour guide also provided me beneficial piece of information about adventures and traditions. I also tried to do sand boarding while lying on my Bellay but to my bad luck I fell off.  After that, I started sand dune bashing session in 4×4 cars like Nissan Patrol, Land Cruiser or Jeeps. The driver was well trained and professional. He drove smartly on the mountains of sand. That activity increased my exciting level. I saw several tourists having henna painting. The beautiful pattern of henna tattoos were just mind blowing.

Abu Dhabi city tour is equally suitable for families and friends. I availed the opportunity of free hubblee bubblee flavored sheesha. I took beautiful photos wearing the traditional Arabic dresses. The children were playing in the separate playing area and their parents were enjoying their tour.

The separate bathroom facility was also available for women and men. Live dance shows, Tanura dance, Bellay dance, fire show entertained me a lot. All refreshments and BBQ dinner were extremely delicious. After enjoying fun activities I was dropped off at drop off locations around 11:00 pm.  Abu Dhabi desert safari tour energized me after those thrilling activities. I became more active to perform the tasks of life.

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