A Visit to the Liwa Oasis-Explore Thrilling Adventures Here

You can enjoy breathtaking amazing adventures in Liwa Oasis. Liwa Oasis is located in the west of Abu Dhabi. The economical and geographical activities in Liwa Oasis have made it a perfect location for tourists to spend quality time here. Take a paper and pen to mark your favorite attractions in the Liwa Oasis.

In this article, you will get information about interesting desert activities, favorite attractions in Liwa, attractions for kids, and many other adventuresome activities.

Enjoy dune bashing on Tel Mureeb:

No doubt, Tel Mureeb is one of the world’s tallest dunes to enjoy dune bashing. It is known as scary mountains to enjoy sandboarding, quad biking, and dune bashing from elevated dunes. The dunes are a bit tough to reach on the top but the view looks spectacularly amazing from the apex. Likewise, you can book desert safari Sharjah deals to enjoy rip-roaring desert safari activities.

Visit black camel farm:

The camel and desert are directly linked with each other. In Liwa Oasis, you can explore the breed of the black camels known as Liwa camel. It will be lovely to try the fresh milk of black camels at the farmland. Hold the rope of the camel and take pictures with them. The desert safari Sharjah in the Al Faya Desert includes seamless attractions for tourists coming from every corner of the world.

Watch the exciting Liwa sports festival:

The Liwa festival is celebrated for 9 days in Abu Dhabi where you can watch thrilling dune bugging and desert bike races. Even participants and visitors can set up free camps on inclined dunes of Tel Moreeb for a week. The visitors can enjoy horse races, camel races, bike races, drag races, car races, and motorcycle challenges on 300 meters high Tel Moreeb dunes with 50 degrees incline position.

Visit Liwa date festival or Ratab:

The Emirati date tress or palm trees are worldwide famous for their rich taste and quality. This festival is celebrated to showcase the traditional values of the Arab world including half-ripe date fruits known as Ratab and different varieties of palm trees. You can explore the local handicrafts as well. During desert safari Sharjah, the visitors are served with juicy dates, snacks, Arabian ghawa, and spicy BBQ cuisine.

Enjoy the best desert walk:

The 650,000 square kilometers vast landscape of the Liwa Oasis gives you a chance to observe majestic dunes beneath your feet. It gives you invigorating feelings and delivers a sense of tranquility. You will get lost in the charismatic beauty of the desert. Book desert safari Sharjah deals to double the joy of your adventure.

Overnight camping in the desert:

If you have not added overnight camping in your list, add it right now. It is a true glimpse of the desert adventure. The camping will make your desert safari adventure more memorable and charming. The coolness of Tel Moreeb dunes will take you closer to nature. Gossiping, drinking champagne, singing songs, and exploring the flora fauna of this virgin desert is something exceptional.

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